Monday, 11 April 2011

Graphic Communication

Further research into my media product has revealed this little nugget. I really like this idea and the words could not be truer. In order for communication to be effective it has to be simple. There is no point in trying to be too clever, too elaborate, too complex; no one will get the message. Effective communication gets right to the point without any encumbrance; who wants to spend time figuring out what is trying to be said when driving past a hoarding at the side of motorway at seventy miles per hour.

I am coming to end of the blog and my research into graphic design posters, and I have learned a lot. Communication is paramount to the smooth running of the world; it is when it breaks down that things fall apart. The Middle East is erupting at the moment and all for lack of communication: the art of conveying thoughts and ideas and listening to what is being said. Communication doesn’t work if no one is listening.

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