Saturday, 9 April 2011

Poster Research

In my research for my media product I came across this poster, which appealed to my sense of humour as well as my sense of aesthetics. The wording seemed particularly apt for this module and I really like the design of the poster. I quite like the retro feel and the swirls and teardrop shapes are sensual, pleasing to the eye. It reminds me of an album cover from the seventies but I don’t remember which one. It also made me think about the phrase, ‘visual communication’, and all that means. Isn’t all communication visual on some level, particularly in this day and age, what with videophones and ‘Skype’? Having gone through the dyslexia screening at the beginning of the academic year and finding out that I am dyslexic, it makes sense that I am drawn to photography where I can communicate on a visual level, rather than with words which always take a long time to formulate in my mind and consequently on to the page.

I have been looking at graphic design for my poster, even though I have not had any formal training in that area. I like the idea that the words are the image and not just part of it. I have been playing with phrases and quotes and seeing how I can make them communicate on a visual level as well as a literary one.

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